Bible Study & Prayer

The foundation of Sabbath School is the study of God’s Word.
  • The Word is what gives power to Sabbath School. Members should be encouraged to dig deep to understand the Bible for themselves.
  • Teachers should base their teaching and example on the Bible and possess a soul-winning spirit.
  • “Never should the Bible be studied without prayer” (Steps to Christ, p. 91). Emphasize the importance of personal and intercessory prayer.


The format of Sabbath School promotes fellowship.
  • Sabbath School is for teaching, not preaching. Small group classes should be formed where discussion is encouraged.
  • Classes form special bonds when they meet together outside of class time for social interaction and group outreach.
  • A spirit of care and concern should result in classes that minister, through visitation and reclamation ministries, to those who are inactive or going through difficulties.


The focus of Sabbath School is the mission of making disciples.
  • Churches should conduct a vibrant Mission Program, separate from the class study, that includes world mission updates, local outreach reports, and personal ministries training. Mission Program
  • Sabbath Schools around the world show their sacrificial nature by giving financially to support world mission projects.
  • Classes should adopt a quarterly local mission project for outreach or member care. Spend 10-15 minutes of TMI time at the beginning of class to pray, plan, and report.


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